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1. This is a Critical Access Hospital, so those rules apply. 2. CEO, CNO are excellent people, w/ significant integrity. They are integral parts of their community, and represent the patients and families well. 3. ED is staffed by FP Physicians ( experienced), as well as local moonlighting ED 4th yr Residents. The 4th year Residents are the best of the best ( they train at a renowned, model, Level I Trauma Center). The FP Physicians are variable - some good, some not so good. 4. As a CAH, subspecialties variable. The ones available there are good. 5. When you transfer a pt. for higher level of care, it is handled by a Transfer Center. They are very helpful, arrange logistics for you. TF is to an affiliated hospital a couple of hours away - pt. is transferred by ground or by rotor ( staff really know what they're doing. They can manage pts. on multiple pressors, gtts, vents, etc..) 6. Call room is luxurious. 7. Food is EXCELLENT. Health , fresh foods. They will cook things for you ! 8. Nurses are generally very good. They care about their work, and really want to learn.

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