Hey, Doc. Who Has Your Back?

Recently, while visiting a patient in the hospital, one of my patient’s children whipped out her phone to record the exchange.
Before too many words were spoken, I expressed concerns about having a phone pointed toward me and recording our encounter. Then, the patient’s daughter agreed not to record, but would use her phone to FaceTime her brother in Kentucky, because he wished he could be there.
I find it interesting, when I go to the division of motor vehicles or through immigration, or any state or federal office, there are signs posted against using your phone for photos, etc - but somehow, the whole physician-patient relationship isn’t given the same respect.
But furthermore, why does it feel as though our work environment, in some ways, has become “every physician for himself/herself,” when we’re going about the practices of caring for patients?
I’ll be very pleased the day, when I see new policy against using any type of video equipment in care environments. In other words, I’ll be pleased the very day it feels, that not only do we have each other’s back (as physicians), but also our employers see value in having our backs.
Who has your back?
Hdvisor Creator