Earlier, an amazing group of hospitalists banded together and simultaneously resigned, as they were not happy with the way they were treated... They met several times over several months with administrators, but at the day's end, they were undervalued and underestimated. These dynamic physicians were men and women, spoke 7 different languages betweeen them, and represented 5 different countries. Furthermore, they brought a high-level of professionalism and expertise to their home-hospital. Of course, they each landed on their feet upon departure, but the community of patients, where they had practiced became the big loser...
Naturally, as new hospitalists we’re recruited to fill those roles, they asked “what happened to the group, which was here previously?” The interviewees were lied to, and HAdvisor was born.
HAdvisor was designed and developed to provide voice for physicians about their experiences, when (for various reasons) they remain nameless.
So, share with us what concerns you the most.
The list of questions, which comprises our survey may be, perhaps, too regional... Maybe they are blatantly incomplete, in some way. We can add other questions, or even delete some; but we won’t do anything until we hear from you. Speak up, so that HAdvisor can speak up for you...
Dr. Sean Hubbard
Creator of HAdvisor