Everyone’s wearing long coats, parking in the doc's lot, coming in & out of the doc's lounge, “treating patients.”
The other day, I bumped into a colleague on the 4th floor; during our convo, I noticed her scrubs were a slate grey/blue-ish color and kinda comfortably fitting. Then, I took the elevator down to the ICU, and bumped into another colleague, who had the same exact scrubs - so, twice within few minutes!
Being the curious type, I inquired, in a somewhat congratulatory and excited manner. I was informed it’s a brand called "Figs."
Later, when I bumped into the first colleague again, I shared how excited I was to see physicians drawing some distinctions between themselves and everybody else!! Then, she let me down, that she’d seen nurses wearing them, also... But, initially she paid MORE for scrubs, hoping not to see them on everyone...
So, the big questions:
1. Do you agree with the notion, that it’s in our best interets for us to start drawing our own distinctions?
2. What can we do to start drawing distinctions? Bracelet? Ring? Necklace? Charm? Pattern? We need our to hear from our brother and sister docs, on this!
We need our own #%£*^< shit!!