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We have worked hard to get where we are... We took the most difficult courses, from the most challenging professors. We have sacrificed and delayed gratifications such as parties, family events, dating, getting married, and even having children, so that we may attentively answer the call to practice medicine... 
And having entered practice, the challenging work and sacrifice hasn’t diminished. We work days, nights, and holidays... Essentially, the work of being a doctor is never done - perhaps, occasionally, we can find moments of relief from the frontlines, however those moments are few and frequently come at a cost...
Yet, we find ourselves at this place & time, when it seems we must make certain our voices are heard - that is why HAdvisor was created.
HAdvisor was created to raise the level of care and performance of health centers in the communities in which we live and practice the art. And physicians, as key stakeholders, have a tremendous perspective from which to share.
You chose this field to make a positive difference in the lives of many - sharing your honest opinions about your work and experiences serve to enhance care and raise the bar for us all. As circumstances begin to improve, come back next year and update us, by leaving an updated review. As our collective voices hold collective power, make sure your closest colleagues know About Us, by sharing this page.

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  • 1. Click on “Write a Review.”
  • 2. Enter the required details.
  • 3. Copy/paste your LinkedIn or Doximity profile link, that HAdvisor may verify you are a physician.
  • 4. Rate your work experience and leave your review.
  • 5. Your review will be verified, approved, and anonymously shared.

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